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Military Supplies and Munitions



The K-Series assault weapons feature state of the art submachine guns, rifles, pistols, grenade launchers that are used by the Korean Special Operations Military Force and law enforcement. The K-Series assault weapons have gone through endless independent military grade testing to meet the rigorous standards set by the Korean Ministry of Defense. These assault weapons deliver insurmountable firepower and durability that puts the K-Series in a class of its own.

Military & Police Equipment


We are the registered supplier to the Korean Ministry of Defense. Our reputation and the quality of products that we deliver have been widely acclaimed by our clients overseas. In addition to our domestic market, the U.S.A, Great Britain, Germany, the U.A.E, Iraq, and many others in the global market praise our premium service. Our products undergo rigorous independent testing and then are certified by the U.S. H.P. White Laboratory to meet the standards and the demanding specifications of today’s global market. Furthermore, we promise safety and durability in our products.

Vest & Backpack


We, at Ares, truly believe that a successful mission is a result of reliable gears. Especially, what soldiers carry on their backs can determine the outcome of a mission. Ergonomically designed with durability and portability in mind, vests and backpacks Ares provide will be the determining factor of your mission. 


Equipped with easy-to-access compartments, vests and backpacks will give a great sense of ease when soldiers are under stress. Rigorously tested and approved by Department of Defense of Republic of Korea, vests and backpacks will complete their intended functions under any harsh condition. 

Tank & Combat Vehicle &
Tactical Vehicle


Ares global offers rugged and innovative combat vehicles that have gone through rigorous testing to provide maximum support during combat. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and ingenious design, these Combat Vehicles guarantee flawless operation. Our combat vehicles feature specialized impact resistant structure and immense firepower that are combat ready.

Combat Plane & Utility Helicopter


Ares global provides premium combat vehicles and fighter aircrafts. Ares global specializes in distributing premium weapons technology and delivering custom solutions for national defense programs to our clients around the world. We gurantee client satistaction.



All the ammunition product lines are furnished with independent quality control systems to maintain its quality and consistency. The Aresglobal supply wide range of ammunition from 5.56mm bullet to 8-inch howitzer shell depending on its purposes.

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