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Explosion Proof Panel

The Explosion Proof Panel is constructed using an innovative technology that melts aluminum ingot with various chemicals to form ‘Aluminum Foam.’ The inner layer of the newly formed aluminum is porous, allowing the panel to absorb explosions like a sponge. The outer layer of the panel lowers conduction of sound and protects against any permeability of gas and liquids.
Introduction of Aluminum Foam Materials
Aluminum foam is new concept metal material which is foamed in sponge shape after melting aluminum ingot with various chemical ingredients and has many pore cell inner structure. Porous materials feature much lighter than original one, improved energy absorption, lower conductivities than original metal materials.It has broad applications and has excellent sound absorptivityand permeability of liquid, air, etc. Aluminum Foam can be applied to aerospace section needed to the thermostablestate over 200°C and possible to recycle as eco-friendly materials.
Manufacturing Process of Aluminum Form
Comparison of Aluminum Foam Features
Special Features of Aluminum Form
Energy Absorption


Energy absorption rate (energy absorption per area) can be calculated by using a stress-deformation curve. Energy absorption rate is increased with metal density. This is because deformation resistance increases rapidly with metal density. Porous metal shows 5~40km/h deformation rate with 23~93% deformation result. It is highly effective in absorbing energy. Therefore, foam aluminum that combines aluminum and pores is being recognized as a next generation shock absorbent that can cope with strengthened requirements in collision safety regulations. The density of foam aluminum is 10% of normal aluminum. It shows three times greater shock absorption features than normal aluminum.

The Need for Explosion Proof Panel
The features of Aluminum Foam - Explosion Proof Panel
Explosion Proof Panel Function Test / Structure
Application Area of Explosion Proof Panel
Industrial facilities
A nuclear power plant, semiconductor factories, smeltery, petrochemical plant, explosive production manufactures, LPG/LNG process facilities and more
Oil tankers, tunnel, gas turbine facilities, semiconductor facilities. Gas cabinet factory and more
Military security installation
Bunkers for aero planes, powder magazine, POL storage yard, a radar installation, defense-related industry and more
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